Seaweed baths may wash away cellulite, says beauty expert

Seaweed baths may wash away cellulite, says beauty expert

While the benefits of seaweed for health are ample – thanks to the sea vegetable's high nutrient content – this plant has also long been tapped for its beautifying abilities as well.  In past posts, we've addressed the use of seaweed in facial cosmetics. Lydia Sarfati, a skin care specialist and entrepreneur who offers a whole range of sea vegetable-based products, touts the plant for its role in cell rejuvenation and its anti-inflammatory agents.

Recently, the media outlet E!News featured another cosmetic application of seaweed nutrients. According to the source, bathing in seaweed may be an all-natural way to get rid of cellulite before bathing suit season.

The tip came from beauty specialist Laurel House, who recently published a book called "The Quickie Chick's Cheat Sheet," which advises women on everything from weight loss to finance.

"Seaweed actually helps to pull the water out of your fat cells, shrinking the cells down, making the cellulite less visible," House explained in a televised segment. "Brown seaweed is also filled with iodine, which helps to increase the metabolism, detoxifying the body [and] flushing out some of the fat."

Though bathing in this sea vegetable can provide nourishment for your skin – and may, as House states, reduce signs of cellulite – it can be even more powerful on your plate. Cooking with seaweed is a great way to increase the nutritional value of any meal, and is a simpler process than ever thanks to Seagreens® The Mineral Salt and the Culinary Ingredient. Seagreens® seaweed is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and is wild-harvested in Grade A pristine waters.

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