Seagreens® seaweed biscuits win big at the U.K. Great Taste awards

Seagreens® seaweed biscuits win big at the U.K. Great Taste awards

As well as being jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, seaweed has the ability to enhance the flavor of many foods – and can even make them more filling. However, people who are unfamiliar with the benefits of seaweed for health as well as the taste buds may still need a bit of convincing to try this incredible plant for themselves. If you're still on the fence about seaweed recipes, perhaps the latest results of the Great Taste awards in the United Kingdom could change your mind.

Orchestrated by the U.K. Guild of Fine Food, the annual Great Taste awards has been called the Oscars of specialty foods in this region of the world, and is evaluated by 405 judges. The judging itself takes place over 50 days between May and July before the final results are revealed. 

This year, seaweed biscuits from Stag Bakery of Lewis in Scotland made headlines. According to the online news outlet Scotland Food and Drink, Stag was the only bakery to an illustrious 3-star GOLD ranking for biscuits. Owner Christopher MacDonald expressed his gratitude for the recognition this title has brought not just for the efforts of his island bakery, but for the sea vegetable as well.

"The beauty of the seaweed water biscuit is that it works really well with so many accompaniments and there are numerous health benefits associated with seaweed," he told the news outlet.

The source notes that the 3-star rating has only been awarded to 125 products after more than 10,000 submissions from throughout the United Kingdom. Eager to try this incredible seaweed vegetable for yourself? Seagreens® seaweed was used in the show-stopping biscuits of Stag bakery, and is wild-harvested in Grade A pristine waters off the Scottish Outer Hebrides. The Mineral Salt and the Culinary Ingredient have been expressly developed to enhance the flavor of your favorite foods, while Seagreens® Food Capsules can provide a daily dose of seaweed nutrients. 

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