Scottish pizza made with Seagreens seaweed expands to 400 UK pubs

Scottish pizza made with Seagreens seaweed expands to 400 UK pubs

More than 400 pubs throughout the United Kingdom will soon be able to take advantage of a new, cutting-edge dish — seaweed pizza

The Herald Scotland reports that Eat Balanced, a Glasgow-based producer of healthy foods and nutritious alternatives to what you may typically find on store shelves, has signed a new deal that will expand some of its offerings onto pub menus around the UK. The company's "Pizza Power Kids" brand in particular will be bringing a new pizza that uses Seagreens® seaweed to these restaurants, offering a healthier spin on an old pub favorite.

"The pizza includes seaweed among the ingredients in its base which has allowed the company to lower the levels of sodium to 3.5 percent, which compares favorably to the 40 percent present in some other brands," writes Greig Cameron, Deputy Business Editor for The Herald. "The seaweed also provides vitamins such as iron [...] It is said to be lower in saturated fat than other competitors while the red pepper puree sauce contains a dose of vitamins A and C."

This is great news for both kids and parents alike, who may love the taste of pizza but are wary of all the fat and grease that normally goes into a pie. By throwing Seagreens into the mix, families can still indulge themselves while reaping seaweed benefits like antioxidants, phenols and essential amino acids in the process.

If you want to try cooking with seaweed in your own kitchen, infusing this versatile and nutritious green into your own favorite recipes, use Seagreens® seaweed seasoning! 

Seagreens organic wild wrack seaweeds are produced to the company's award-winning proprietary standard (patents pending) among Scotland's remote Western Islands in pristine Grade A waters. Our natural health supplements, such as The Culinary Ingredient and Food Capsules, can be applied easily and seamlessly to any dish, providing an extra pop of flavor along with all the micronutrients, trace elements, minerals and vitamins. 

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