Scientists investigate new seaweed benefit for blood flow

Scientists investigate new seaweed benefit for blood flow

In past posts, we've discussed how seaweed can facilitate healthy circulation thanks to its demonstrated anticoagulant abilities, and a new project has highlighted another benefit of this sea vegetable for an often-overlooked blood disorder.

According to – a regional news outlet – researchers from the University of Delaware (UD) have developed a seaweed-based medication that may help those suffering from hemophilia. In contrast to more common circulatory problems, this disease is characterized by a genetic mutation that obstructs natural blood-clotting. The condition affects one in 5,000 infants in America, and can lead to prolonged bleeding in the event of an injury.

The source reports that the new drug contains fucoidan, "a natural substance extracted from a brown seaweed that is found to decrease bleeding." Professor Ulhas Naik recently published the results of a two-year study, which indicated that the medication may provide some relief for a pool of patients.

"In hemophilia patients, their platelets are fine but plasma factors are defective and as a result they don't get proper clot formation [...] this drug, we see enhancing of the activity in the plasma factor and this drug also enhances platelet activation," he explained.

Currently, there is no cure for hemophilia, but the results of this study are promising for those living with the condition.

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