Scandinavian food lab teams up with brewers to experiment with seaweed

Scandinavian food lab teams up with brewers to experiment with seaweed

As well as providing a highly sustainable food source that is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, seaweed can also lend an intriguing and unique flavor to many of the dishes we already savor. This versatile sea vegetable can serve as everything from a garnish to a salt replacement, and has been featured in dishes as varied as pizza and cookies. Recently, representatives from Carlsberg – the multinational brewing company originally based in Denmark – announced a collaborative project with the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen to experiment with seaweed and other natural ingredients.

According to Nordic Food Lab director Michael Bom Frøst, the two organizations "will look into wild nature for finding ingredients that taste well and [will be used for] creating the beer that will be sought after for accompanying a meal," The Wall Street Journal reports.

By incorporating new and intriguing ingredients, the partnership expressed the hope that the beers they produce will be appreciated in much the same way as artisanal wines, and will break into the world of fine dining. Members of the Food Lab are already brainstorming, and thus far have discussed options for woodruff and pulverized cucumber, among other items that can lend a unique taste to their concoctions.

Sea vegetables, with their rich savory taste, are also early contenders. "I could, for example, imagine a Baltic Porter produced with seaweed," Bom Frøst told the news outlet.

Carlsberg and the Nordic Food Lab are not the first innovators to incorporate this intriguing taste into a brew. Last year, we covered the Kelpie Seaweed Ale produced by Williams Bros Brewing Co. in Scotland.

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