San Francisco State University showcases beauty of seaweed

San Francisco State University showcases beauty of seaweed

We routinely discuss the health benefits of seaweed on this blog – largely because researchers keep discovering more! Yet as advantageous as seaweed nutrients can be in a balanced diet, there is plenty more to appreciate about this abundant, incredible sea vegetable. 

Previously on this blog, we've mentioned the aesthetic appeal of seaweed in particular. Now, San Francisco State University has unveiled an exhibition dedicated to this vegetation. The university news outlet Golden Gate Xpress reported on the pieces on display, which are the work of photographer, designer, author and SF State alum Josie Iselin.

"Once I started exploring seaweed a little further as a visual artist and a designer it was just intoxicating because (seaweed) has these really strong forms, really intense colors that range from kelly green to magenta to pale pinks to these beautiful olive browns," said Iselin, who will soon be releasing a book of photographs entitled "An Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed."

Iselin collected samples from both coasts to truly display its variation, and noted that seaweed is so captivating because its many forms are relatively unknown among the general public. In recent years, the same could have been said for its health benefits, but that has changed dramatically. These days, most of the world's best chefs have embraced seaweed as a nutrient-rich ingredient. American consumers are also starting to glean how easily this sea vegetable can be added to their meals.

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