Rhode Island news outlet calls for new perspective on seaweed

Rhode Island news outlet calls for new perspective on seaweed

Despite its applications as a biofuel, cosmetic and nutrient-rich food, some people may still view seaweed as an annoyance that washes ashore at their local beach. Recently, the eco-conscious Rhode Island news outlet EcoRI News addressed this misconception in a piece entitled "Seaweed: Much More than a Beach Nuisance."

"Let us consider this macroalgae problem from a different perspective – are seaweeds really such an undesirable byproduct[?]," the article posits. "Spa-goers pay upwards of $100 for luxurious seaweed wraps, which are said to detoxify the skin. In nature, macroalgae play a large role in extracting nitrogenous pollutants from the water, which they store in their cells and use to create new tissue. "

Far from being a nuisance, seaweed combats water pollution and will likely be a vital source of fuel and food for generations to come – particularly because it does not require land or freshwater to thrive. As such, it's essential that the general population learns to view this abundant sea vegetable in a new light – as a natural resource that can benefit society in a number of ways, rather than a substance to be disposed of.

Thankfully, seaweed recipes are becoming more commonplace in Western countries, as more people learn about the unparalleled nutritional value of this plant and its ability to enhance the flavors of food they already savor. Seagreens® has developed sustainable seaweed harvesting to patents pending human food seaweed™ standards from Grade A pristine waters in the Scottish Outer Hebrides, so the end result is the highest quality, and fully traceable seaweed. This sea vegetable can be incorporated into your daily routine as The Mineral Salt, Food Capsules and other products.

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