Restoration study seeks to salvage seaweed in Sydney

Restoration study seeks to salvage seaweed in Sydney

For all the benefits of seaweed as a nutritional supplement, biofuel source, moisturizer and more, it's important to remember that this sea vegetable also plays a vital role in marine ecosystems. As such, the efforts we make to harvest this plant have to take the overall aquatic environment into account as well. The loss of native seaweed along the coastlines of Sydney, Australia, has been a source of great concern among environmental scientists over the years, particularly because it threatens the biodiversity and health of the coral reefs. Recently, though, researchers have seen some success in restoring the plant to its past abundance.

According to a press release from the University of New South Wales, researchers from the academic institution partnered with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries to complete a large‚Äč-scale seaweed transplant project, bringing in healthy crayweed – the sea vegetable that once lined the shore – to replace the population that has withered down so dramatically.

"This kind of restoration study has rarely been done in these seaweed-dominated habitats," said Professor Peter Steinberg in the release. "Our results suggest that we may be able to assist in the recovery of underwater forests on Sydney's reefs, potentially enhancing biodiversity and recreational fishing opportunities along our coastline."

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