In 2011 Research Councils UK, Britain’s co-ordinating body for the main research institutions, reviewing innovation in all aspects of life over the past 5 years, selected Seagreens to represent ‘Healthy Living’ for a compilation of ‘Big Ideas for the Future – research that will have a profound effect on our future’ (page 58).

We took the time to research the market and review the science, then learned to harvest and produce the first properly certified human food quality seaweed in Europe.

We successfully married artisan knowledge and skills with the technologies of industrial scale harvesting. As a result we have put a new British and European industry on the map.

Now with our own wild harvesting in Scotland as well as Norway, we can do in Europe what the Japanese have done for centuries.

This may even be a more hopeful picture than in Japan, where the vast majority of seaweed is now farmed in sea water tanks, already at least once removed from Nature. In Europe we have more, suitable coastline and very clean waters – which at all costs, we must keep clean!

To establish and uphold best practice in human food quality seaweed, in food and healthcare applications in Great Britain and Europe, we have set up the not-for-profit Seaweed Health Foundation to provide an independent forum for seaweed research and education based in Scotland and England.


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