Seagreens Mineral Salt

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Twice the Flavor, Half the Salt!

Seagreens Mineral Salt contains Hebridean Seaweed and Cornish Sea Salt. Use the product as you would any salt product. Imparts a delicious, unique flavor to any meal. The Mineral Salt is a unique combination of organic seaweed from Seagreens’ sustainable harvesting in the Scottish Outer Hebrides and Soil Association certified sea salt from the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, England. This 50/50 mix of Ascophyllum nodosum wrack seaweed and unrefined salt provides a healthy condiment option – no other natural food has a complete balance of minerals, trace elements and micronutrients.

The Hebridean Seagreens factory won the 2010 Crown Estate Marine Enterprise Award and Cornish Sea Salt won a Gold Food Award. Replacing sodium chloride in manufactured foods has been top of Seagreens research agenda since 2007. 20% of their ingredient sales supports The Seaweed Health Foundation set up 2009 with health food and academic partners.

Of salt reduction with Seagreens, researcher Dr Andrew Fairclough said: “Factor in the other health benefits of seaweed and this could have a massive effect on the food industry, and impact the health of millions.”

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Each bottle of Seagreens Mineral Salt contains 90 gms.


I initially bought this hoping it would help me lose weight. It's too soon to tell if it will work for that purpose but I have discovered that it is great for energy. I feel so much better and awa...