Seagreens Food Capsules 60 ct

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Seagreens 100% vegetable Food Capsules contain a unique mixture of three, synergetic varieties of wild wrack seaweeds. The mix produces a comprehensive balance of nutrients without the excessive iodine associated with some seaweeds including common kelp. This facilitates Seagreens’ permanent, or prolonged daily use at higher levels, for example in a therapeutic setting.

Seagreens should not be confused with fresh water algae like Spirulina, and Chlorella which are species of fresh water blue green algae whose nutritional profiles reflect those of land vegetables, rather than the broad micronutrient spectrum of ocean vegetables like Seagreens. Click here to see the full nutritional profile.

Seagreens should be regarded less as a nutritional supplement, more as a unique, functional whole food for everyday use – to feed the foundation of healthTM*.

Pure, unadulterated seaweed – nothing else

All Seagreens products are Organic, Kosher, and further certified free of allergens, toxic metals, pathogenic microorganisms, environmental and bio-chemical pollutants. Ideal for balancing special diets in all ages and health conditions.

Unlike the farm-grown seaweed imported from many countries, Seagreens Human Food SeaweedTM is the product of sustainable wild harvesting among the remote islands of the Scottish Outer Hebrides, cut and dried within hours.

The Seagreens capsule of 100% vegetable origin is Kosher and Halal certified and Vegetarian Society Approved. It contains no additives of any kind, nor any manufacturing excipients such as preservatives and stabilizers, and flowing, binding and bulking agents which far exceed the active ingredients in many tablets and capsules. It is not possible to ‘tabletise’ seaweed without using such manufacturing excipients.

*Iodine contributes to normal thyroid, nervous system and cognitive function, the normal growth of children, normal energy-yielding metabolism, and the maintenance of normal skin.


Different varieties of seaweed have been used as food for thousands of years in different cultures of the world. They provide concentrated amounts of very high quality nutrition. In an English cul...