Omega-3s may help with dry eye

Omega-3s may help with dry eye

Dry eye may not be a major health issue, but it's one of the more annoying symptoms out there. It has been linked to hormonal imbalances like the ones experienced by women going through menopause. In fact, 61 percent of menopausal women suffer from dry eye, according to the Huffington Post. Hormonal issues lead to problems with producing enough tears to properly lubricate the eyes, causing itching, burning and stinging feelings.

So, other than keeping eye drops on hand at all times, what can you do to combat this issue? According to a growing number of doctors, omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish oil and seaweed, may help relieve dry eye symptoms. Omega-3s are thought to help increase the production of tears. In a study published in EyeWorld News Magazine, researchers found that 70 percent of women who supplemented their diet with omega-3 fish oils were able to get rid of all their dry eye symptoms within the study period. Another study, called Ocular Nutrition Impact on Tear Film (ONIT), found similar results.

Doctors are especially enthusiastic about using omega-3s to treat dry eye because omega-3 supplements are particularly easy to come by. They are available in a variety of different forms and are usually fairly inexpensive.

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