New superfood cookbook features seaweed recipes

New superfood cookbook features seaweed recipes

While little used a few years ago, it seems that the term "superfood" is everywhere these days, as the general public has shifted toward consuming more nutritious and eco-friendly fare. For those who are unfamiliar with the expression, "superfood" refers to various grains, produce and other natural ingredients that boast incredible health benefits thanks to their high vitamin and mineral content. In addition to blueberries and avocados, seaweed comfortably fits in this category because it contains ample amount of nutrients – including trace elements.

Incorporating superfoods into your diet is one of the most straightforward ways to enhance the nutritional value of your daily meals. But, if you've only just started experimenting with these items, you may not be sure where to begin. Recently, Julie Morris – a natural food chef based in Los Angeles – released a new book called "Superfood Kitchen," which is brimming with seaweed recipes, among other highly nutritious dishes.

"Morris has created a tome of fresh, nutritious and mostly simple concoctions that stand up to practical adaptation," the Wilmington Star News of North Carolina wrote in a review.

According to the news outlet, one of the biggest issues with Morris' book is that a few ingredients are relatively costly or hard to come by for the average consumer. Thankfully, though, seaweed is not one of them. With Seagreens® seaweed, you can reap all the health benefits of this incredible and abundant plant – whether you want to introduce all-new recipes to the rotation or simply increase the nutritional value of the meals you already love. Seagreens® is wild-harvested in the Scottish Outer Hebrides and is available as the Culinary Ingredient, The Mineral Salt and Food Capsules, among other versatile products.

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