Need more antioxidants in your diet? Turn to organic seaweed!

Need more antioxidants in your diet? Turn to organic seaweed!

In just the past few years, more and more food shoppers have been turning to the organic produce aisles and local farmer's markets for all their fruit and veggie needs — and can you blame them? By and large, organic food items taste far better than conventionally grown crops. It's also well-documented that organic food is considerably healthier for you than the typical store-bought produce, but just how much healthier hasn't been made entirely clear, until now. 

A new study conducted at the United Kingdom's Newcastle University determined that organic crops boast significantly higher levels of antioxidants, as well as lower amounts of toxic metals and pesticides, than conventional produce. The research team's findings, which were published last month in the British Journal of Nutrition, concluded that the typical organic crop features between 18 and 69 percent more polyphenols than their conventional counterparts.

This is especially important for those looking to eat and live healthier lifestyles, as high quantities of polyphenols and antioxidants have been found to help reduce risks for cancer and other serious chronic conditions, including cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disease.

"Our results are highly relevant and significant and will help both scientists and consumers sort through the often conflicting information currently available on the nutrient density of organic and conventional plant-based foods," writes study author and Washington State University scientist Professor Charles Benbrook.

If you're looking to add organic seaweed and its range of antioxidants and phenols to your diet, use Seagreens® seaweed! Seagreens' seaweed seasoning and all natural supplements contain all the micronutrients, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Seagreens organic wild wrack seaweeds are produced to the company's award-winning proprietary standard (patents pending) among Scotland's remote Western Islands in pristine Grade A waters and are certified free of allergens and contaminants. 

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