Making a meal out of salads — and how seaweed can help

Making a meal out of salads — and how seaweed can help

Not too long ago, we shared with you how useful cooking with seaweed can be for vegans, and all the reasons why this versatile sea plant should be a staple of every vegetarian diet. But while vegans and vegetarians know full well how to make the most of their greens, people who adhere to other diets may view salads as side dishes or snacks rather than full-fledged meals. As Canadian chef and entrepreneur David Côté notes, though, salad can be just as filling as any lunch or dinner, it just takes the right preparation and ingredients to make a real meal out of it.

"Salads don't have to be boring [...] There are so many possibilities," the 31-year-old Côté told The Montreal Gazette, a local news publication. "For some, the idea of making a salad means staying hungry [...] [but] salads today are taking their place as full meals: A salad can be satisfying — and filling."

As the Gazette points out, while salads have picked up a reputation as "an also-ran, an afterthought" that often plays "second fiddle to the main course," superfoods like seaweed can help turn salads into more sustaining and nutritionally fulfilling meals. One of the keys to making salad a more prominent dish in your diet is to make it seasonal, utilizing ingredients ripe for the time of year. For instance, if you're whipping together a salad during summer, mixing in tomatoes, berries and a nut oil and coriander-based dressing with your seaweed seasoning can create a tasty meal as filling as any other!

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