Japan offers model example for eating and cooking with seaweed

Japan offers model example for eating and cooking with seaweed

Seaweed has been a staple of Eastern cuisine for hundreds of years, so it should come as no surprise that Japan eats a lot of seaweed. About 100,000 tons of seaweed per year, actually, according to the United Nations. As The Huffington Post notes in its profile of the country, "7 Things Japan Can Teach You About Living A Long, Healthy Life," the practice of cooking with seaweed in Japan spans over 20 varieties! 

A number of scientific studies have been done on the effects of seaweed for health among Japanese people. For example, Japanese women consume more seaweed than anyone else in the world and also exhibit some of the lowest diagnosis rates for breast cancer. Another example points to the southern island chain of Okinawa, where residents consume more seaweed than anywhere else on the planet — and regularly live to 100-years-old and above! While a definitive cause-and-effect relationship can't yet be proven between eating consistently high quantities of seaweed and living past the century mark or preventing cancer, the association between seaweed benefits and a healthy lifestyle speaks for itself.

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