Is seaweed the next big thing in interior design?

Is seaweed the next big thing in interior design?

The versatility of seaweed is truly staggering. Not only can this nutrient-rich sea vegetable be used in all manner of culinary dishes and supplements – it has also been tapped as a biofuel source, building material, breathable fabric and more. In fact, because of its endless array of applications, the Financial Times recently reported that seaweed may be one of the hottest new items in interior design, not to mention a leading 2014 food trend

"From a drinks cabinet sporting a glossy green veneer aboard a super yacht to table lamps featuring translucent seaweed shades resembling fine pale leather, the marine algae is emerging as a substance of interest in interior design," the source states.

Previously on this blog, we've discussed seaweed artwork, lamps and even sustainable roofing – though the latter isn't a fad, but a building practice dating back centuries. Yet this, the news outlet notes, may just be the tip of the iceberg. Designers around the world have commented on the visual interest that seaweed can introduce to any home. The expanded use of seaweed for decorative purposes also falls perfectly in line with an increased consumer focus on environmentally-friendly materials and a local, rustic aesthetic. 

Whether or not you intend to incorporate seaweed into your living room, you can still make the most of its incredible health benefits. Seagreens® seaweed is a natural multi-nutrient whole food containing all the vitamin groups, minerals and trace elements and can be seamlessly introduced to your diet as Food Capsules, The Mineral Salt and more.

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