Is Israel ready for seaweed recipes?

Is Israel ready for seaweed recipes?

Seaweed is a highly nutritious and flavorful food, one that is becoming more popular by the day. However, some people still have reservations about this sea vegetable, associating seaweed recipes with the dingy plant life that washes up on their local beach. This misconception is starting to fade, especially since most of the world's greatest chefs have embraced this versatile ingredient. Now, one Israeli company is making a move to bring seaweed to the Middle East.

 According to Tablet, an Israeli lifestyle website, Moshe Rivosh of the seaweed company Seakura intends to transform how the nation sees seaweed

"Israelis have adopted many different products that weren't part of it originally, for their taste and health benefits," Roshe explained. He added that Israelis have grown familiar with seaweed in the context of Japanese food, and may be eager to try it in other recipes too. "Israelis love sushi and they love nori - the seaweed used for wrapping the sushi – and wakame, whether as wakame salad or in miso soup."

Rivosh is certainly right about one thing: Seaweed is just too tantalizing an ingredient to overlook. Between its high stores of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and its ability to enhance the tastes of countless dishes, this plant is poised to become a culinary heavyweight around the world.

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