Irish news outlet touts seaweed as “nature’s health and skincare secret”

Irish news outlet touts seaweed as “nature’s health and skincare secret”

While people in certain regions of the world have been reaping the many benefits of seaweed for generations, others have only just begun to discover how this nutrient-rich and abundant sea vegetable can enhance their health and even their appearance. This week, the Irish media outlet Mayo News sought to share some of these applications with unfamiliar readers.

Mayo News columnist Maggie Gibbons admitted that she too had been largely unaware of the rejuvenating and immune-boosting properties of seaweed until recently. However, Gibbons quickly became a "total convert" upon discovering these effects for herself.

"There is nothing to compare with the protection [seaweed] offers from radiation and all other environmental pollutants. Seaweeds help to eliminate toxins while offering major benefits from headache relief to the relief of back ache, tiredness and stress." she wrote.

Gibbons noted that, though people the world over have made a considerable effort to take eco-conscious measures that protect the environment in the last few years, it's also important to protect themselves from all manner of external pollutants they may encounter on a daily basis.

In addition to its detoxification abilities, seaweed can also ramp up the body's natural defenses to chemicals and disease thanks to its high levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This can have untold benefits for physical health. If you're interested in trying out seaweed nutrients for yourself, consider introducing wild-harvested Seagreens® seaweed to your diet in the form of Food Capsules, The Mineral Salt and more.

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