Iodine is Necessary For Healthy Pregnancies

Iodine is Necessary For Healthy Pregnancies

Adequate consumption of iodine is important to avoid serious thyroid issues like goiters, as well as many related minor problems. But for pregnant women – especially those in the first 16 weeks – iodine is particularly crucial for the healthy development of their babies.

Iodine helps to build up the skeleton and a healthy metabolism during the early and middle stages of pregnancy, but it is especially needed for brain development. Babies that don't get enough iodine in the womb risk mental disabilities that will affect them throughout their lives.

Iodine is so important that the World Health Organization has declared it "essential" for healthy brain development and recommends universal salt iodization.

However, in developed countries like the U.S., some consumers are cutting back on their table salt consumption due to fears of cardiovascular problems. As valid as these fears may be, iodized salt is an important source of the nutrient, and consumers may not try to replace it if they don't understand its importance.

For instance, one study conducted in the U.K. found that pregnant mothers with iodine deficiencies were more likely to give birth to children with learning difficulties. In addition, other research has shown that two-thirds of 15-year-old girls in the country are iodine-deficient.

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