International Seaweed Expo premieres

International Seaweed Expo premieres

Over 5,000 tourists, government officials and businesspeople from across the globe have convened in Wando, an island off of South Korea, to attend the world's first annual seaweed-themed expo. The popular event, which began April 11 and lasts 31 days, proves that people all over the world are fascinated by the health benefits of seaweed.

The tagline of the event has been coined "seaweeds and their role in mankind's future." Over 60 companies from more than 20 countries will show off new technology, products, materials and services that are related to the seaweed industry. The month-long expo will also feature workshops, exhibitions and forums to educate consumers about the importance of this vegetable. Visitors are able to touch and see an array of seaweeds, including kelp, sea mustard and laver.

"Let's make history by successfully hosting the world's first seaweed-themed expo and eventually develop the seaweed industry and dominate the international seaweed market," Kim Jong-sik, governor of Wando and chief of the event's organizing committee, said at the kickoff, according to news source Global Post.

The organizing committee expects the number of attendees to succeed its goal of 700,000 throughout the event, including around 640,000 locals and 30,000 foreigners.

As you can see, health-conscious individuals from all over are interested in learning more about the benefits of seaweed. The popularity of this super-food is certainly on the rise!

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