Immune benefits of seaweed explored in animal feed

Immune benefits of seaweed explored in animal feed

As temperatures have started to drop across the country, we've talked extensively about the immune-boosting benefits of seaweed. In fact, a recent Japanese study even indicated that seaweed supplements may improve the effectiveness of flu shots among older Americans – an incredibly promising result given the vulnerability of this population. However, people aren't the only ones who stand to gain from this seaweed benefit. 

According to the industry news outlet All About Feed, food manufacturers are also investigating how seaweed could be tapped for healthier livestock. In a similar vein to the Japanese research, stock breeders are reportedly looking into the use of specific compounds to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of protective vaccines among animals.

"In recent years the relevance of seaweeds in numerous biological applications was brought to the forefront,
 particularly to immune mechanisms, taking special interest sulfated polysaccharides," the source notes. "A vast number of studies have already evidenced the effects of some of these sulfated polysaccharides, particularly the fucoidans, the carrageenan and the ulvans, on certain mechanisms of inflammatory response and on 

The researchers are in the process of determining if molecules derived from seaweed would benefit the health of livestock populations either when taken consistently to maintain the immune system or administered in a more targeted approach to complement vaccination programs. The source notes that further investigation is required to establish the effectiveness of either approach.

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