How your diet can keep your brain healthier later in life

How your diet can keep your brain healthier later in life

The secret to keeping your brain healthier, even much later in life, could be in your diet. According to a new study from Columbia University, the "Mediterranean diet" could be one of the more realistic ways to maintain brain health in the elderly.

The research, published in a recent issue of the journal Neurology, found the effects of the diet by surveying 674 participants with an average age of 80. Those who followed the plant-based Mediterranean diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, fish and olive oil were shown to have evidence of a healthier brain than those who didn't, the study reported.

In 2014, researchers from Rush University conducted a similar study, combining the Mediterranean diet with what's called "Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension" (DASH). The combined diet had all the plant basics of the Mediterranean diet plus dairy, meat, eggs and a moderate amount of alcohol. Their results support those of the Columbia University survey, finding that the two diets could help delay declining function in elderly brains.

What differentiates the Mediterranean and DASH diets from other current diets is that they don't cut out meat or carb consumption. In fact, they actually recommend servings of fish and poultry twice a week and three servings of whole grain carbohydrates a day. Researchers believe that the amount of fish consumed helps the diet's success.

If you don't like fish, but still want the same balance, you can consider alternatives. Seagreens products, for instance, have a diverse nutritious profile, offering more iron than a plate of broccoli and more calcium than a half cup of milk.

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