How to balance your diet with allergies

How to balance your diet with allergies

It's estimated that around 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies, according to Food Allergy Research & Education. For those millions, maintaining a balanced diet can be challenging. Depending on their allergies, sufferers have to carefully avoid a lot of foods and miss out on some of their favorite meals. Moreover, allergies can cut important sources of nutrients out of a diet, especially for children.

To help you create a healthy diet in spite of allergies, follow these tips:

Consult with a specialist
Some people with allergies might not even realize that they're missing certain essential nutrients. That's why it's important to consult with an allergist or dietitian to find out what vitamins and minerals are absent from your diet and create a strategy for the best way to replace them. In some cases, they can recommend you fill the gaps with other foods or daily supplements. 

Try different foods
Though having a bad reaction to a food can be scary, an allergy doesn't have to limit your diet altogether. In fact, it's better for your health if it doesn't.

"Just because you have a restricted diet doesn't mean your life should be restricted," Sloane Miller, a food allergy counselor and author of "Allergic Girl," told Calorie Lab.

To find out what substitutions work for you, you'll need to test out different foods and ingredients. Restraining yourself out of fear will only make it harder to achieve the right balance in your diet. If you don't want get too experimental, try foods that can offer a wide variety of nutrients, like seaweed. It's easy to add to any meal and contains a variety of essential minerals and vitamins often found in common allergens like peanuts and dairy products.

Cook at home
The only way you can be absolutely certain that your food is allergen-free is by cooking it right at home. Living with an allergy means constant awareness of the ingredients you consume. At a restaurant, it can be difficult to guarantee that the meal you order is free from allergens or contaminants.

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