How seaweed nutrients can help your garden grow

How seaweed nutrients can help your garden grow

We discuss the benefits of seaweed for health extensively on this blog, including its documented abilities to bolster the immune system, reign in blood pressure and facilitate weight loss. However, there are many other applications of this incredible and abundant sea vegetable that certainly deserve a bit of attention. Recently, the eco-friendly lifestyle website Care2 – which has extolled the healing powers of seaweed in the past – focused on how this plant can help your garden thrive.

If you have a green thumb and an aversion to pesticides and other harsh chemicals found at the home goods store, you may be pleased to learn that nutrient-rich seaweed can help keep unwanted weeds at bay while providing much-needed nourishment for your greenery.

"When fresh seaweed is applied to garden beds as mulch, the application can help mitigate weeds, and won't introduce new weeds or pests the way some bark mulch can. As the seaweed breaks down, it contributes to a lightweight loamy soil," the source states.

Care2 suggests collecting fresh seaweed from your local beach for this purpose, and even using remnants of the aquatic vegetation to create a tea that can provide additional infusions of nutrients as plant food. If you don't have ready access to fresh seaweed, you may be able to find fertilizers that have been made from the plant, as many seaweed farmers have begun expanding into this area.

Of course, as much as you may love your garden, there is no reason you shouldn't benefit from seaweed nutrients as well. Seagreens® seaweed is sustainably wild-harvested in Grade A pristine waters in the Scottish Outer Hebrides, cut from the living plant to ensure its freshness and cleanliness and promote sustainable regrowth. Seagreens® contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Try it today as The Mineral Salt, the Culinary Ingredient, Food Capsules and more.

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