How seaweed nutrients can address these winter woes

How seaweed nutrients can address these winter woes

As much as you may revel in the crisp, cool air of winter, this season is not without its frustrations. Everywhere you turn, you will probably encounter someone sniffling and sneezing. In addition, lotion and luxury shampoos are must-have standbys to manage the inevitable dry skin and itchy scalp.

Previously on this blog we mentioned some of the health benefits of seaweed outlined by Body and Soul, an Australian news outlet. We focused primarily on how seaweed may combat obesity, diabetes and other medical risks. Today, we'll address some seaweed nutrients that are perfectly suited to address your winter woes.

The source notes that seaweed, with its abundance of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, is a formidable immune system-booster. Whether you're overcoming a cold yourself or are trying to fend off a coworker's virus, adding seaweed to your diet through supplements or new recipes can give your immune system the reinforcements it needs to keep you healthy.

In addition, if the cold winter air has left your hair, skin and nails feeling brittle and dry, seaweed may help nourish them from the inside out. You may still need to invest in a good hand lotion and leave-in conditioner, but by bolstering your diet with seaweed nutrients, you can strengthen your hair, skin and nails so they're less susceptible to these seasonal frustrations. 

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