How seaweed can provide a nutrient boost to a kosher diet

How seaweed can provide a nutrient boost to a kosher diet

If you adhere to a kosher diet, you may struggle to receive the nutrients you need from time to time. That's why it's so important to find ingredients that you can always rely on to supply heaping amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements without violating the dietary laws you value so highly.  

Recently, the Kashruth Division of the Orthodox Rabinnical Council of San Francisco certified various fare from Azuma Foods International Inc., including a nutritious seaweed salad, as kosher under Jewish law. This dish, inspired by Japanese cuisine, illustrates just how well suited seaweed is to meet all of our dietary needs without violating any dietary restrictions – particularly when it is harvested and prepared conscientiously. 

What makes seaweed so appealing as part of a kosher diet? This sea vegetable contains more nutrients than any land plant,  as well as essential trace elements that have been derived from seawater. Plus, it can be tapped to enhance the flavor of your favorite meals while cutting down on sodium intake.

Though not affiliated with Azuma Foods International Inc, Seagreens® seaweed is sustainably wild-harvested in Grade A pristine waters in the Scottish Outer Hebrides to ensure its purity, and provides an excellent way to increase the nutrient intake for individuals who are adhering to strict dietary restrictions. Essential compounds including the B vitamins and iodine (in safe amounts) can be derived easily from this plant in the form of Food Capsules, The Mineral Salt and more.

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