How seaweed benefits are derived from nutrient-rich ocean waters

How seaweed benefits are derived from nutrient-rich ocean waters

You've undoubtedly heard a thing or two about organic seaweed in the news at some point over the last few years. Between its labeling as a "superfood," restaurants showcasing a variety of exotic seaweed-based recipes and scientists discovering new findings about seaweed benefits, like antioxidants, phenols and iodine supplementation, it can be tempting to dismiss this ocean green as yet another dietary fad. Just the opposite, though — seaweed is here to stay. Having already been cultivated and eaten in Eastern cultures for centuries, seaweed is making a long-awaited trip into the stores and kitchens of the Western world, offering not only healthier meal choices but a more environmentally-sustainable alternative to growing food.

"What makes sea vegetables different to terrestrial vegetables is that they grow in an environment that's richer in trace minerals like iodine and zinc — Australian soils, on the other hand, tend to be lower in both these nutrients, says [Dr. Alecia] Bellgrove who's researching Australia's potential as a future source of sustainable sea vegetables," writes The Age, an Australian news publication.

This is an important development for Australian food production going forward as nutrient-rich ocean waters provide a sustainable area for vegetables, like seaweed, to not only grow in but effectively absorb these micronutrients, trace elements, minerals and vitamins that are becoming increasingly rare in soil. Seagreens® practices this same mindset for every single one of its organic wild wrack seaweeds, which are produced to the company's award-winning proprietary standard (patents pending) among Scotland's remote Western Islands in pristine Grade A waters.

All Seagreens seaweed whole food products and natural health supplements, like Iodine Capsules and The Mineral Salt, are certified organic, kosher and free of allergens and contaminants. 

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