How much salt is in your fast food? That depends on the country

How much salt is in your fast food? That depends on the country

It's no secret that fast food is one of the least healthy things you can put into your stomach, especially because we don't always know what exactly is in it in the first place! According to a new survey, just how much salt is going into your burger, for example, depends entirely on what country you're in.

UK news publication The Daily Mail reports that the international study, arranged by World Action on Salt and Health (WASH), examined the salt content of 19 different offerings from McDonalds, Burger King and Subway restaurants, and Kelloggs and Nestle products, around the world. The investigators' findings determined sodium levels in these products varied wildly across different countries, even if it was the same food offered by the same manufacturer. For example, a KFC Filet Burger purchased at a KFC restaurant in the Middle East reportedly contains three times as much salt as the same sandwich sold in KFCs in Malaysia.

"Global taste preferences cannot be blamed for the difference in salt content, as no one country consistently has the saltiest foods," said a spokesperson for WASH. The organization's international programme lead, Clare Farrand, adds that, "This study also highlights a lack of consistent nutrition labelling and portion size across the world which is adding to consumer confusion, as people cannot choose the less salty options, even if they want to.

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