Healthy eating may prevent hearing loss

Healthy eating may prevent hearing loss

We all know that not turning up the volume too high in our headphones and wearing earplugs at loud concerts helps to prevent hearing loss. However, exposure to loud noises isn't the only factor that can influence how well hearing is preserved with age. According to recent research from the University of Florida, eating a healthy diet with enough vital nutrients is also key for good hearing ability.

Researcher Christopher Spankovich examined the eating habits and health data of 2,366 people who had participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. He found that people who had poorer diets, defined by the survey's Healthy Eating Index, were more likely to have auditory deficits than people who ate well. In fact, people who had high levels of noise exposure and good diets had approximately the same amount of hearing loss as people who had less exposure to loud noises but also had less healthy diets.

"Our hearing health is linked to our general health. Our auditory system is dependent on our cardiovascular, neural and metabolic health, and if we are not healthy in general, it makes sense that we could increase our susceptibility to hearing loss," said Spankovich, an assistant professor in the department of speech, language and hearing sciences at the University of Florida. 

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