Growing aquaculture in Maine shines spotlight on local seaweed

Growing aquaculture in Maine shines spotlight on local seaweed

Maine is very quickly getting more serious about its organic seaweed! Last month, we shared with you news about the inaugural Maine Seaweed Festival, a local event put together to help enlighten locals about the benefits of eating seaweed for health, and the wide variety of ways this ocean-harvested plant can be used in your favorite meals. The festival was a rousing success, so it should come as no surprise to hear that the aquaculture along the coast of Maine — which includes growing seaweed — has taken off in a big way lately.

Dana Morse, an associate with the Maine Sea Grant who specializes in shellfish aquaculture, tells The Working Waterfront that the public has "had a change of heart" on growing seaweed and shellfish, leading to a boost in awareness and activity on this front.

"There is much better recognition of what is really going on in the aquaculture industry and the benefits it can bring — like the ecosystem [boost that comes] from growing shellfish and seaweed," says Morse. "The seaweed aquaculture sector has a lot of energy behind it, and to date, has had some success in growing and selling seaweed."

Though Morse points out that more needs to be done in fine tuning how they market seaweed and other locally-grown seafood, and balance out the economics of it all, rising interest from nearby communities — particularly students from the University of New England and University of Maine — have helped to anchor this burgeoning industry and make seaweed growing more attractive to businesses and entrepreneurs. 

It's always heartening to see others taking such a serious interest in seaweed and its vast array of healthy properties. To start cooking with seaweed in your own home, use Seagreens® seaweed natural health supplements, which contain all the micronutrients, trace elements, minerals and vitamins.

Seagreens organic wild wrack seaweeds are produced to the company's award-winning proprietary standard (patents pending) among Scotland's remote Western Islands in pristine Grade A waters, and are certified allergen and contaminant free. 

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