For strong muscles, make sure to get enough vitamin E

For strong muscles, make sure to get enough vitamin E

If you're a bodybuilder, you may already know that eating a diet high in vitamin E can help enhance the growth and strength of your muscles. However, this phenomenon has never been scientifically explained in any detail until now. Scientists from the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University have discovered the role of vitamin E in repairing key membranes in muscle cells, allowing muscles to recover from vigorous exercise and prepare for the next workout.

Building muscle is essentially a "tearing and repair process", as study author Paul McNeil explains in the study. This is where the idea of "feeling the burn" comes from — much of "the burn" originates with the tearing of muscle cell membranes. In order to successfully build muscle, these tears have to be repaired, otherwise the cells' contents spill out and end up dying. 

To study the function of vitamin E in muscle repair, the researchers looked at two groups of rats, one that had been fed a vitamin-E-rich diet and one whose diet was low in the nutrient. The vitamin E-deficient rats showed poorer running ability, and tests using an injectable dye showed that the dye was able to seep into their muscle cells, indicating that there were tears present that hadn't been healed. 

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