For eating healthier this summer, choose seaweed

For eating healthier this summer, choose seaweed

Summer is finally here! Gone are those seemingly endless months of constant snowfall and freezing temperatures — the sunshine and warm weather are finally back. And with summer comes a whole host of seasonal activities to enjoy with friends and family, from beach trips to pool parties. But as fun as these events are, they don't typically lend themselves to healthy diets. After all, if you've ever taken stock of the food items you'd normally find around a barbecue or picnic — burgers, hot dogs, chips, beer — it's enough to make any nutritionist cringe.

But you can resolve to eat healthier this summer without ditching any of these favorite traditions. For instance, as the Lawrence + Memorial Cancer Center's nutritionist Mary Ann Nash recommends, you can still continue to host barbecues in the months ahead, but maybe swap out of some of the meat for veggie burgers or grilled vegetables. You can even layer on some of these more nutritious greens onto your burgers. Organic seaweed in particular makes for a great, healthy topping to a hamburger fresh off the grill.

Loaded with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, seaweed can make an excellent and nutritious addition to your diet for not only the summer but all year round. The distinctive Seagreens® seaweed has been proven by independent research studies to be of a higher level of quality and nutrition than typical seaweeds.

Seagreens is a natural multi-nutrient whole food, wild-harvested in the Grade A pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides to our proprietary Human Food Seaweed™ standards (patents pending), that contains all of the minerals, trace elements and vitamin groups. Try it today with natural health supplements and ingredients like The Mineral Salt, The Culinary Ingredient and Food Capsules.

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If my patients are taking Seagreens they are getting the nutrients they might have been getting in their normal food 50 years ago, such as the trace minerals, and that makes a huge difference. It ...