Florida community creates nutrient-enriched soil from seaweed

Florida community creates nutrient-enriched soil from seaweed

Infusing your meals with seaweed nutrients is a great way to enhance your overall health. However, as we've documented in past posts, there are myriad other applications for the vitamins, minerals and trace elements derived from this abundant sea vegetable. To date, seaweed has been used to produce biofuel, combat signs of aging and even ward off allergies – and that is only the beginning of its documented benefits.

Recently, the Sun Sentinel, a Florida news outlet, reported that a local community gathered this plant to create enriched soil.

"Every morning, [Fort Lauderdale] city crews haul away an average of 5 to 6 tons of the ocean's cast off vegetation, ship it to Snyder Park, and add it to a huge compost pile. The decaying seaweed brews rich soil, which is harvested for use in city planting projects," the source stated.

Before discovering this impressive seaweed benefit, the city reportedly spent $180,000 every year clearing seaweed from the shores of its beaches and taking it to the landfill. Now, in addition to saving money on removal, Fort Lauderdale officials have tapped into a natural resource that can routinely be used for different landscaping projects across the city.

With each new seaweed benefit that comes to light, it becomes increasingly perplexing that this plant has been taken for granted for so long. Thanks to its ample stores of immune-boosting nutrients, seaweed can increase the nutritional value of any meal. Seagreens®  seaweed is sustainably wild-harvested in the Scottish Outer Hebrides to patents pending human food seaweed™ standards, and can be consumed as The Mineral Salt, Food Capsules and more.

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