Filipino researchers hope seaweed-based diet will contribute to cancer cure

Filipino researchers hope seaweed-based diet will contribute to cancer cure

Seaweed has long been hailed as a super food for its many nutritional benefits, but researchers in the Philippines are looking to see if incorporating the plant more seamlessly into an everyday diet can even help to cure or prevent cancer.

Researchers at Southern Philippines Agri-Business Marine and Aquatics School of Technology (SPAMAST) are working closely with members of the seaweed industry to see how they can develop processed foods that will feature the plant as a key ingredient. According to the Philippine News Agency (PNA), the scientists believe that incorporating seaweed into products like snack cakes, potato chips and even cold cuts can potentially have long-term benefits far beyond preventing ailments that the plant is already known for addressing.

"It's a real possibility that we'll try to verify and validate at our laboratories – that blending seaweed powder in processed foods can fight cancer. We still need to validate this," Dr. Jesebel Basas, a food scientist at SPAMAST, told the source. 

The Philippines is home to roughly 390 species of seaweed have been identified as having economic value as food, animal feeds, fertilizers, diet supplements, medicines, and raw materials. These plants are also extremely popular throughout Asia in many regional cuisines, from China's "zicai," Korea's "gim" and Japan's "nori."

While research is still in the early stages, scientists at SPAMAST are hopeful that processed foods will no longer contribute to as many health problems as they currently do if seaweed becomes part of the recipe. 

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