European leaders see seaweed as viable energy source

European leaders see seaweed as viable energy source

As the global population comes to learn more about the diverse effects of climate change, interest in green technology has skyrocketed. Eco-consciousness, once considered a relatively fringe concept, has now entered the mainstream, and international legislators are responding to this shift in public perception. Biotech entrepreneurs have already begun experimenting with seaweed as an alternative source of energy, and now it seems they have the backing of European leaders.

According to reports, members from the European Parliament recently expressed a need for increased investigation into the use of seaweed biofuel.

"There are ways that we can use alternative methods or second- or third- generation biofuels that will not have the same negative impact on the environment," said Emer Costello, a representative from Dublin, the Carlow Nationalist reports.

Fuel derived from seaweed or food waste has presented some of the most intriguing and potentially beneficial room for further exploration. But, for all the benefits this sea vegetable presents as a biofuel, the possibility it holds as a large-scale source of nourishment may be even more impactful for future generations. Seaweed is an abundant natural resource that both grows faster and contains more nutrients than any land plant, in part because of the trace minerals it soaks in from the seawater.

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