Eco-friendly organization holds seaweed harvesting class for community

Eco-friendly organization holds seaweed harvesting class for community

As people have learned more about the potential harm caused by some of the processed goods found in grocery stores, demand has grown for natural wholefoods that are grown or gathered using sustainable methods. In addition to a rapidly increasing selection of organic and GMO-free offerings in stores, eco-friendly organizations have sprung up across the country to educate communities about the nutrient-rich foods that can be found all around them.

Seaweed has become a relative superstar in this area, as it is an abundant natural resource that can boost the nutritional value of almost any meal. In past posts, we've touched on a few different programs intended to teach people about this sea vegetable, where edible varieties can be found and how it can be used in various seaweed recipes.

Recently, Food Masters – a Washington State organization that offers classes on eating locally – held a seaweed harvesting course to educate interested parties about this miraculous plant.

According to, a regional news outlet covering Orcas Island, the course featured the following elements:

  • Seaweed identification
  • Harvest, process and storage methods
  • Medicinal uses of seaweed, among other applications.

Food Masters was founded in 2011, and holds classes on everything from natural composting to fruit tree grafting. Learner Limbach, the director of the group, told the news outlet that "pretty much from the beginning, every class has been really well attended [...] I have been impressed and constantly in awe at the constant interest month after month."

Seaweed is an abundant resource that contains high levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Seagreens® has developed distinct processes of sustainably wild-harvesting seaweed on a large scale, maximizing nutrition, safety and quality so you can reap the benefits of this sea vegetable in the form of Food Capsules, The Mineral Salt and other offerings that can be easily incorporated in any diet.

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