Eco-conscious designers embrace beauty of seaweed with DIY prints

Eco-conscious designers embrace beauty of seaweed with DIY prints

Though seaweed is rapidly gaining advocates around the world as a cooking ingredient, fuel source and medical supply, among other uses, there are certain populations who have long appreciated this incredible plant for its seemingly endless array of applications. Japan, Korea and other Asian nations may be the first that spring to mind in this regard, but the truth is that coastal communities across the globe have been experimenting with this sea vegetable for generations.

In past posts, we've detailed just how dedicated members of the Cape Cod community in Massachusetts have been to educating others about seaweed benefits and finding new ways to appreciate this plant. Recently, one woman who was born and raised in this region shared a DIY project involving seaweed.

Justine Hand, who writes for the home decor website Remodelista, explained that she'd always been fascinated by the variety of seaweeds found along the shores of the Cape. Inspired by the work of another Native New Englander with a penchant for marine-centric pieces, artist Karen Robertson, Hand decided to display some of the sea's most aesthetically intriguing specimens in her home as prints.

"For this project all you need is: seaweed, 140-lb watercolor paper, cardboard, weed cloth or other mesh fabric, an artist's brush, two pieces of wood, and something heavy to weigh the prints down," wrote Hand.

Hand collected various species of seaweed, arranged them artfully on watercolor paper, then pressed the pieces to create unique maritime artwork. Due to the incredible diversity and visual richness of these plants, Hand produced a number of simple yet striking prints to adorn her home with the beauty of the sea.

While this is certainly an eye-catching way to take advantage of seaweed benefits, even the aesthetic appeal of these specimens cannot compete with their nutritional value. Wild-harvested Seagreens® seaweed is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and can be incorporated in any diet via Food Capsules, The Mineral Salt, the Culinary Ingredient and more.

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