Danish architects unveil “Modern Seaweed House”

Danish architects unveil “Modern Seaweed House”

Now that biofuel entrepreneurs, medical researchers and other innovative minds are beginning to explore new applications of seaweed beyond the culinary realm, it's only fitting that a Danish architecture firm has revisited its use as a building material.

The architecture publication Dezeen Magazine recently reported on a joint venture between the design firm Vandkunsten and the non-profit organization Realdania Byg – which restores historic structures – to build a "modern seaweed house" on the Danish island of Læsø, where the sea vegetable was once widely used as an alternative to wood.

"The Modern Seaweed House revisits the traditional construction method in Læsø, where for many centuries trees were scarce but seaweed has always been abundant on the beaches," the media outlet states.

"Seaweed is at the same time very old and very 'just-in-time', because it is in many ways the ultimate sustainable material," explained Realdania Byg representative Jørgen Søndermark.

For the new structure, the architects gathered seaweed in netted bags to line the exterior of the home and in wooden cases that will provide insulation beneath the floors and throughout the interior.

Søndermark noted that seaweed is on par with mineral insulation, and is also more effective at reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, the sea vegetable is fire-proof, free of toxins and is a resource that continually replenishes itself.

Given these benefits, even regions of the world where seaweed houses aren't an inherent part of local heritage may be tempted to embrace this sea vegetable as a construction material.

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