Could seaweed flavors be extracted from a plant by-product?

Could seaweed flavors be extracted from a plant by-product?

Few plants offer as much culinary versatility and nutrition as seaweed does. Chock full of antioxidants, phenols and essential fatty acids, organic seaweed — whether taken on its own or as a supplement for another dish — makes for a rich addition to any healthy diet. With more and more people beginning to take notice — and take advantage of — these healthy seaweed benefits for themselves, researchers around the world have begun making their own investigations into how to harness this sea plant's healthy and tasty attributes.

One team of scientists in Thailand recently discovered a way of isolating and extracting seaweed flavors from the vegetable's waste by-products. Food Navigator reports that the Thai researchers have developed a new enzymatic paste that could be used to identify and extricate seaweed flavors from non-marine life sources. Until now, these flavors had to be derived from marine animals like fish, shrimp and crab. This new discovery offers a more vegetarian-friendly method that makes use of the by-products left behind by seaweed waste streams.

"Seaweed by-products after agar extraction are good sources of plant protein and contain taste-active amino acids [...] in addition to a low fat content," stated the team's findings, published in the journal Food Chemistry. "The [new paste] demonstrates great potential as a precursor to thermally processed seafood-like flavour that can be used as a flavour supplement and as a savoury flavour source for various seafood products."

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