Cornwall man to live off seaweed, mussels and other maritime fare to promote Greenpeace

Cornwall man to live off seaweed, mussels and other maritime fare to promote Greenpeace

While once seen as relatively fringe notions, the concepts of eco-consciousness and sustainability have become considerably more mainstream in recent years as concerns over global warming and rising carbon emissions have spread. Now, one man from Cornwall in the United Kingdom has committed to living entirely off of the land – or rather, the sea – in a bid to raise money for Greenpeace and promote environmentalism. 

BBC News reports that Paul Yendell has left his job, sold his personal affairs and will spend four weeks traveling between beaches in Cornwall and Devon.

"I'm going to be living off of seaweed, muscles, limpets and fish for a whole month in this sweltering hot sunshine with just a tent to live in," Yendell wrote on a fundraising page hosted by Virgin Money Giving. 

According to the BBC, the Launceston, Cornwall, man has spent a month studying survivalist techniques in order to take advantage of the natural resources he comes across. Apart from this research, Yendell states on his fundraising page that he has received no formal training.

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