Choosing healthier alternatives to salt

Choosing healthier alternatives to salt

It should come as no surprise — particularly to regular readers of this blog — that excessive salt consumption is becoming an increasingly common health problem in the United States and around the world, raising the likelihood of serious conditions like heart disease and stroke. The average adult ingests about 3,400 milligrams (mg) per day, which is far beyond the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) recommended amount of 2,300 mg.

But what if you already know all this? What's the next step? Of course, cutting out excess salt from your diet is easier said than done, especially when it's such a common ingredient in the food we eat. But there are plenty of alternatives you could opt for as a salt replacement, that will add back some nutrition to your meals without losing any flavor in the process. According to The Daily Beast, Angela Ginn, a food and nutrition expert from Baltimore, Maryland, recommends swapping out table salt with spices like oregano, paprika, cumin and thyme.

Ginn also suggests buying fresh produce when grocery shopping, and taking note of nutrition labels on snacks and canned choices so that you only purchase the low-sodium options. While some food items, like bags of chips, are very obvious sources of salt, others — like cold cuts, which have salt added for preservation, or bread made with yeast — are more subtle.

If you're looking to get serious about consuming less salt in your diet, consider Seagreens® seaweed. Wild-harvested in the Grade A pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides to our proprietary Human Food Seaweed™ standards (patents pending), Seagreens is a multi-nutrient whole food hailed by Research Councils UK as a "Big Idea for the Future" for its qualities as a salt replacement in breads and many other foods. Seagreens contains all the minerals, trace elements and vitamin groups and can be incorporated into your regimen with natural health supplements and ingredients like The Mineral Salt, The Culinary Ingredient and Food Capsules.

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