China’s largest algae bloom put to use in seaweed recipes

China’s largest algae bloom put to use in seaweed recipes

Although seaweed plays an essential role in maritime ecosystems and is teeming with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, beach-goers who aren't familiar with these facts may be quick to see this plant as a nuisance that mars the shores of their favorite vacation spots. Previously on this blog, we discussed how community leaders in Galveston, Texas, are campaigning to raise awareness about seaweed benefits, and are even holding an art competition centered on the plant. 

Now, the online news outlet ChinaDaily reports that one restaurant in the Qingdao region of the country is looking to take advantage of an unprecedented algae bloom that has blanketed the region's coastline with tons upon tons of sea vegetation.

According to the source, local eatery Liang Chu Fei Chang Hao has offered a wide range of seaweed recipes for the past year, and they have been well received by restaurant patrons. The chefs have incorporated sea vegetables into dishes as varied as egg pancakes and duck soup.

In addition, China's Shandong Research Institute for Mariculture has also begun to experiment with seaweed recipes, adding the nutrient-rich plant life to meatballs, biscuits and other popular savory snacks.

However, another Chinese seaweed specialist, Pang Shaojun of the Institute of Oceanology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, warned that anyone interested in cooking with seaweed should bear in mind that sea vegetables that wash up on the shore may have been exposed to toxins and other unknown elements. As such, it's important to obtain this plant from a reliable source.

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