Check your neck! It’s Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Check your neck! It’s Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

What exactly is thyroid cancer? If you don't already know, then you're in luck, because September — as Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month — is all about answering that question.

The thyroid gland is a key, and underrated, component for how the body functions: key because it's so crucial to how your brain and other organs work, underrated because many people don't even know what their thyroid is, much less what it does for them. The thyroid hormones produced by this gland are instrumental to maintaining organ function, energy, metabolism, brain health and overall wellness. But just as it's important to nourish your thyroid gland with a steady dosage of iodine — a mineral that provided in spades by organic seaweed — it's just as imperative to keep on the lookout for thyroid cancer.

Writing for Glamour Magazine, cancer survivor Christine Coppa and her surgeon, Dr. Erik Cohen of the the Leonard B. Kahn Head and Neck Institute, share a few essential facts about thyroid cancer:

  • Make sure you're consuming enough iodine: While there's no absolute method of preventing thyroid cancer from occurring, the risk is heightened by an iodine deficiency. Make sure you're getting enough iodized salt in your diet to keep your thyroid gland healthy and working properly.
  • The risk is greater for women: For reasons not yet fully understood, women exhibit a much higher risk of developing thyroid cancer than men do. Of the 60,000 new cases of thyroid cancer that occur in the United States every year, female patients comprise a whopping 75 percent of them.

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