Celebrity chef gets inventive with seaweed recipes

Celebrity chef gets inventive with seaweed recipes

Every day, it seems that researchers discover a whole new way to take advantage of seaweed, whether as a source of biofuel, a medical device or more. Yet, for all of these ingenious applications, nothing can compete with the incredible versatility of this sea vegetable in the kitchen.

Seeaweed recipes are gaining steam around the world, as many top chefs have recognized its potential as a flavor enhancer and source of nutrition. Heston Blumenthal, a renowned chef based in the United Kingdom, has long been an advocate for seaweed nutrients. In addition to the seaweed recipes he features at his world-famous restaurant, The Fat Duck, Blumenthal has also championed widely publicized endeavors to include the ingredient in school lunches and airplane meals.

Recently, journalists from the news outlet Radio Times paid a visit to Blumenthal's eatery to sample his most innovative forays into gastronomic cuisine. The 17-course tasting menu at the Fat Duck featured elaborate platters "with multi-sensory elements, including the beautiful Sound of the Sea, with iPods in conches that you put to your ears so you hear the keening screech of a seagull and the wash of the waves while you eat from a platter resembling a wild beach with rock pools and seaweed and edible shells," the source states.

However elaborate or simple your presentation, seaweed makes for a show-stopping ingredient every time. You can even reap the incredible health benefits of this plant by seamlessly introducing it to your favorite dishes. Seagreens® seaweed is sustainably wild-harvested to Human Food Seaweed™ standards (patents pending) to ensure its nutritional value, sustainability and traceability, and can be added to meals as the Culinary Ingredient and The Mineral Salt. You can also take it daily in the form of Food Capsules.

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