Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with seaweed

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with seaweed

St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching, and while this holiday is often used as an excuse to imbibe a bit more alcohol than usual, many people also commemorate the day with a traditional feast of roast beef and cabbage – with a bit of green food coloring for good measure! If you are hosting a St. Patrick's Day shindig this year, though, feel free to expand your culinary horizons with some delicious and nutritious green foods.

"There's no need to choose high-calorie or artificial and processed foods to be festive," notes registered dietitian LeeAnn Weintraub in a piece for the Los Angeles Daily News.

In addition to kiwis, pistachios and mint, Weintraub recommended seaweed as a nutritious ingredient that will still have you seeing green.

"While edible seaweed contains vitamins A and C and is a good source of calcium, it provides a whopping dose of an important nutrient that is lacking in most other foods: iodine," she explains.

Whether you're preparing a full sit-down meal or are simply whipping up a few snacks for party-goers, it's easy to showcase this delicious sea vegetable. Infuse vitamins, minerals and trace elements into the classic roast beef and cabbage platter with Seagreens®  The Culinary Ingredient or The Mineral Salt. You can also experiment with a fresh seaweed salad or crunchy chips made from this sea vegetable. There are endless possibilities when it comes to seaweed recipes. Plus, this plant is rich in fiber, so it is both filling and can help soak up alcohol as the revelries go on.

Wild-harvested in the Grade A pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides to Human Food Seaweed™ standards (patents pending), Seagreens® is a natural multi-nutrient whole food that contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

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