Can vitamin C replace exercising?

Can vitamin C replace exercising?

If you can't exercise, vitamin supplements may be able to help you recreate some of its benefits. According to a recent study conducted at the University of Colorado Boulder, a daily dose of vitamin C can have the same effects on blood vessel activity as walking.

The research, presented at the 14th International Conference on Endothelin, aimed to find the connection between vitamin C and ET-1, a protein that constricts blood vessels and heightens the risk for vascular disease, a problem most commonly found in overweight or obese adults.

Typically, exercise is recommended to remedy the effects of elevated ET-1, but by giving a group of 35 overweight adults 500 milligrams of vitamin C a day for three months, the research team at the University of Colorado found that the vitamin supplement affected the ET-1 in their blood the same as if they had exercised by walking.

Unfortunately, vitamin C cannot be recommended as a replacement for exercise altogether. According to lead author Caitlin Dow in an interview with the Washington Post, vitamin C didn't help any of the test subjects lose weight.

"Vitamin C is, in fact, not an exercise replacement, but a good option for adults with overweight and obesity who can't exercise," she explained in the interview.

Further research is required to see how else vitamin C helps obese and overweight individuals, but so far, Dow and her colleagues have found that it increases stamina and fitness. In other words, while vitamin C may not be able to fully replace exercise, it can help adults who are unable to exercise reach a point where they can start a physical fitness routine.

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