Can this seaweed nutrient reduce the risk of a stroke?

Can this seaweed nutrient reduce the risk of a stroke?

For vegetarians and vegans, the B vitamins can prove more troublesome and elusive than most other nutrients.These compounds, which play an essential role in heart health and a happy metabolism, are typically derived from animal products. Deficiencies in vitamin B12, in particular, are especially common among individuals who adhere to these dietary restrictions and can lead to anemia, nerve system damage and other serious health concerns.

A recent study from Zhengzhou University in China has shed light on another potential benefit of vitamin B consumption – lowered stroke risk. A ScienceDaily press release states that the researchers intended to clarify a backlog of conflicting data on this connection. Upon reviewing 14 previous investigations, they discovered that the likelihood of this event – which occurs when blood cannot reach a certain part of the brain – dropped by an average of 7 percent among people who took vitamin B supplements in some form. Further research is necessary to confirm this relationship, but it may still be worthwhile to speak to a nutritionist or physician about vitamin B supplements.

Seagreens® seaweed contains all of the B vitamins, as well as other nutrients and trace elements, that can be difficult for vegetarians and vegans to obtain through their diet. This sea vegetable is sustainably wild-harvested in the Grade A pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides, and adheres to the the guidelines of even the strictest dietary regimens.

If you have recently adopted vegetarianism or veganism, or suffer from a gluten-intolerance, incorporating this complete wholefood in your meals can help counter many of the challenges these lifestyles can pose. Available as Food Capsules, The Mineral Salt, The Culinary Ingredient and more, Seagreens® would be a breeze to introduce in your next meal.

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If my patients are taking Seagreens they are getting the nutrients they might have been getting in their normal food 50 years ago, such as the trace minerals, and that makes a huge difference. It ...