Can seaweed enhance this notorious guilty pleasure?

Can seaweed enhance this notorious guilty pleasure?

Previously on this blog, we reported that Hershey's, a brand synonymous with chocolate, has bought a major stake in the Chinese food company Golden Monkey, which is known for its innovative snacks including seaweed-flavored wafers. We speculated that this move could lead Hershey's to get a bit more creative with its offerings. Now, it seems that seaweed recipes and chocolate may be more compatible than previously thought.

Last month, researchers from Warwick University in the United Kingdom reportedly discovered that a gelatinous substance derived from seaweed – agar – may be able to make chocolate more filling without altering the flavor or feel.

"Previous attempts to reduce the fat content of chocolate – usually about 30 per cent – while retaining the taste and texture have failed," The U.K. Daily Mail states. "Heated in the right way, [agar] solidifies at the same temperature as chocolate. The bubbles are so small that the mouth cannot distinguish them from fat."

Seaweed-based agar consists primarily of fiber, which is partially responsible for its filling quality. It remains to be seen if the world is ready for low-fat chocolate, but it's always a delight to discover a new application for seaweed. Plus, with so many artisan chocolates featuring bacon, crystallized ginger and other seemingly "out-there" ingredients, tasty and nutritious seaweed may be used as more than just a filling agent.

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