Can a diet rich in seaweed help you live to 100?

Can a diet rich in seaweed help you live to 100?

Earlier this week, 116-year-old Gertrude Weaver was declared by the Gerontology Research Group to be the currently oldest-living American. Worldwide, the Arkansas woman is only second in age to Osaka, Japan, resident Misao Okawa, who was born March 5, 1898. Both of these milestones are impressive, but perhaps none too surprising for the latter — lists of the oldest-living people in history are typically dominated by Japanese names.

This begs the question, how is Japan so predisposed to producing centenarians and supercentenarians, seemingly more so than any other country? Aside from genes, good health and likely a dose of luck, the answer may also point to seaweed!

According to the Daily Mail, a U.K. news publication, a team of Newcastle University scientists earlier this year found that alginate — a compound derived from seaweed — has the ability to keep the body from absorbing fat, and that by increasing a person's alginate intake by fourfold, fat digestion can be reduced by 75 percent. This study helped substantiate a long-held belief that the prevalence of seaweed in Japanese diets has contributed significantly to the culture's overall health and longevity.

"Those who live on the East Asian islands have the longest life expectancy, at 82.5 years compared to our 80, and the highest proportion of centenarians," writes the source. "Their obesity rate is just 3.5 percent [...] Rates of breast cancer, prostate cancer and heart disease in Japan are also much lower than those in the UK."

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